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Blue Carp Games

An independant indie game development company currently working on "RGB Jumper" which soon will be released.

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Another game published by us is"Match the Shapes"  a difficult but fun brain puzzle game where you play against time to find a matching pair of shapes.

RGB Jumper.

The next game in production. You play as a small guy with some crazy powers allowing him to change colors altering the world around him. Unfortunately he's being chased by a huge machine that doesn't really like him.

The game will have

  • 20 levels of increasing difficulty
  • An Endless mode(unlocked after level 7)
  • Tons of achievements!
  • Leaderboards! Become the best in the whole world! or amongst your friends.

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About Blue Carp Games

We are a small group of developers who are working on various games  including
Match the Shapes which is a brain puzzle game. Another upcoming game will be RGB Jumper, a fast paced 2d runner with some fun and unique gameplay!

Our game engine of choice is Unity3D, A friendly and powerful tool allowing us to quick and easy make great results.
The Scandinavian design focus on both form and function as well as simplicity and fun.

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We work hard to make our software and apps into a pleasant experience - in return we trust you will give us your feedback, support us and help us improve.